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Green Spotlight Blogs

The Green Spotlight blogs allow students, faculty, staff, and friends of Appalachian a chance to express, in their own words, their personal connection to sustainability.

Eric Halvarson - Appalachian Responds to Urgency of IPCC Report

Attention fellow residents of Earth! On October 8th, the International Panel on Climate Change released a report that calls for urgent action...

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Eric Halvarson - A Reintroduction, A New Year

Welcome to App State, whether it be for the first time, or the fiftieth, the Office of Sustainability is glad...

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Tyler Johnson - BikeApp Grand Opening Event!

The BikeApp Grand Opening event was held on October 30th to celebrate the arrival of the repair services and the impacts...

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Annabelle B. - Growing Sustainably

As a child I did not grow up specifically hearing the word “sustainability.” For a long time I was not even aware of how my family had always had a sustainable mindset which has had a great influence on my...

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Anisha S. - Why I am an Eco-warrior: my connection to sustainable development

It was a Friday, last period class and my biology teacher wanted to show us the documentary Water Wars. I rested my head on my arm and...

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Caroline C. - Personal Connection to Sustainability

I was not always aware of the magical world of sustainability. In fact, as a child, I was never taught how to recycle or had the slightest idea of...

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Hannah E. - Personal Connection to Sustainability

I have always loved the outdoors. As a child, I grew up camping, hiking, swimming, and playing outside. I have been to many national parks and...

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Josh - Personal Connection to Sustainability

From as early as I can remember, I’ve been intrigued by how the natural world works. As a child, I would explore my woods, examining every...

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Kai K. - Personal Connection to Sustainability

Hello, my name is Kai, and I’m a sophomore here at Appalachian State University. My journey with sustainability began when I...

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Luanna N. - Personal Connection to Sustainability

When I was younger, I use to help around on the farm. I grew up on a dairy and organic vegetable farm. Being homeschooled, I spent most of my time...

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Rob C. - Personal Connection to Sustainability: What Traveling Can Do

My first real opportunity to travel was in 2014, me my dad, and a group of soccer buddies went to Brazil for the World Cup. Once in a lifetime opportunity to...

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Sarah S. - Personal Connection to Sustainability

Hi! I am Sarah Sussman and I am the eco-rep for the LLC! I am a sophomore sustainable development major, and the possibility of...

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(The) Scott J. - My Personal Connection To Sustainability

Sustainability is, to me, smart, green, efficient development that uses knowledge from numerous fields of study; it requires an...

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Tyler - My Personal Connection To Sustainability

I grew up in a small rural community about forty minutes outside of Charlotte. This led me to see things that I otherwise would never...

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