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Legends parking lot is home to Appalachian’s 4-plug solar-powered EV charging station.
Legends parking lot is home to Appalachian’s 4-plug solar-powered EV charging station.

Green Workplace Certification

Appalachian State University strives to continue to expand our sustainability education by offering faculty and staff the opportunity to become more sustainable in the workplace. This certification is meant to be a tool to educate and develop habits that promote a more sustainable office environment.

We have a goal of 45 certified offices by July 2020. As of January 2020, there are 36 offices in the program, impacting 504 people.

Download this information as a PDF here.

The ACT Office in Plemmons Student Union achieved the Grandfather Mountain level in the Green Workplace Certification program.

This certification recognizes campus work spaces that have taken extra steps to ensure they are contributing to the sustainability goals of App State by greening their space, and lowering their daily impact.  

Certification is contingent on completing all prerequisites and filling out the online form. This certification is completely voluntary, and the Office of Sustainability will offer advice and assistance if requested. The certification lasts for three years, but can be completed as often as you choose to achieve a higher score.

Use the certification as a way to promote sustainable actions within your workplace! The Sustainability Categories are as follows:

  1. Energy & Water
  2. Food & Events
  3. Health & Wellness
  4. Purchasing
  5. Service & Community Engagement
  6. Social Justice
  7. Transportation
  8. Zero Waste

Certifications levels (a reflection of our local landscape):

Rocky Knob - 65-115
Howard’s Knob - 116-165
Elk Knob - 166-215
Grandfather Mountain - 216+

Sustain Yosef Workplace Certification Checklist (color version)

Please review prior to signing up to go through the Certification Process.

These items need to be completed before completing the Workplace Certification Form:

  • Assign a sustainability coordinator to liaison with the Office of Sustainability
  • Send an email to for a consultation.
  • Implement the mini-bin system for waste collection (containers available at central warehouse)
  • Schedule a "Zero Waste" training with the Office of Sustainability by calling 262-2659
  • Sign the Appalachian Sustainability pledge
  • Familiarize yourself with the Sustain Office website:
  • Familiarize yourself with the Diversity and Inclusion website:
  • Familiarize yourself with the provided resources

Once you have contacted our office and assigned a liaison, we will consult with you and provide the workplace certification form.

Certified Offices and their Achievement Levels:

  • Office of the Chancellor—Grandfather Mountain
  • College Access Partnerships—Grandfather Mountain
  • Office of Sustainability—Grandfather Mountain
  • Turchin Center for the Visual Arts—Grandfather Mountain
  • Office of Arts and Cultural Programs—Grandfather Mountain
  • ACT—Grandfather Mountain
  • Dean's Office (Walker College of Business)—Grandfather Mountain
  • Department of Computer Information Systems (Walker College of Business)—Grandfather Mountain
  • University Communications—Grandfather Mountain
  • Department of Management (Walker College of Business)—Grandfather Mountain
  • Office of Transfer Services—Elk Knob
  • Outdoor Programs—Elk Knob
  • Financial Aid—Elk Knob
  • Geography and Planning—Elk Knob
  • Facilities Operations Administration—Elk Knob
  • Appalachian Energy Center—Elk Knob
  • Energy Office—Elk Knob
  • Academic Affairs—Elk Knob
  • Office of International Education and Development—Elk Knob
  • Prospect Management and Research—Elk Knob
  • Student Health Services—Elk Knob
  • Student Learning Center—Elk Knob
  • Biology Department—Elk Knob
  • The McCaskey Center (Campus Activities)—Elk Knob
  • Department of Communication—Elk Knob
  • Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management—Elk Knob
  • Dean's Office, Beaver College of Health Sciences—Elk Knob
  • Office of Research—Elk Knob
  • Office of Student Engagement and Leadership—Elk Knob
  • Office of Title IX Compliance—Howard's Knob
  • College of Arts and Sciences—Howard's Knob
  • Student Government Association—Howard's Knob
  • Department of Family and Child Studies—Howard's Knob
  • Management Department (Walker College of Business)—Howard's Knob
  • Reich College of Education-Office of the Dean—Howard's Knob
  • Office of the Registrar-Office of the Dean—Howard's Knob
  • Dean's Office, College of Fine and Applied Arts—Howard's Knob

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