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Appalachian State University has a deep commitment to sustainability and is working toward zero waste through thoughtful purchasing decisions and upstream solutions to waste management. Hosting a green event is a way to minimize our impact while educating and leading by example. Please use the following checklist for green event planning or collaborate with the Office of Sustainability to make a sustainable event plan. Thank you for your commitment to greening your event in order to contribute to sustainability on our campus.

Download this information as a PDF here.

The Green Events Guide suggests seven areas where you can take steps to have a more sustainable event:

  • Waste Reduction
  • Water Conservation
  • Sustainable Food Sources and Choices
  • Energy Conservation
  • Green Promotion and Communication
  • Alternative Transportation
  • Conscious Purchasing

Download the Green Events Guide here and get started planning your event!

Have questions?

Green Events contact: Jennifer Maxwell, Sustainability Program Manager, 262-2667