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Mini Bins

In 2013, Appalachian switched to single stream recycling. ALL recyclables – paper, glass, plastics and metals now go one recycling bin together. The main exceptions are cardboard boxes, confidential papers, and techno-trash.

Items Accepted for Recycling

Why mix recyclables?

Convenience = participation

National averages show an increase in recycling by 30% when "it all goes in one bin." Even better, Walker College of Business increased their recycling by seven times with the introduction of mini-bins and single stream recycling.

No cost for sorting

Foothills Sanitation, a local vendor, hauls and sorts ASU's recyclables for free. Foothills sells the reclaimed materials. It's a win-win. Local jobs are created and ASU reduces landfill waste and associated dumping charges.

Increase in types of materials collected

What's new? ASU now collects rigid plastics #1 through #7 as well as paperboard like cracker and cereal boxes.

Your Role

Empty your own trash into central collection stations. Keep your bin fresh and clean.

Why me?

Emptying your own trash increases accountability. "When you take care of it, you're aware of it." UNC-Charlotte increased their recycling by 25% when faculty and staff began emptying their own office cans. Banks, hospitals, military bases, and federal and state government offices all around the country are converting to minibins. This program works.

Housekeeping Improvements

Staff will not be reduced, instead, housekeepers will be re-directed toward weekly sanitizing of offices. Hi-use areas like bathrooms, public areas and classrooms will also receive additional attention.

Why no bag liners?

Most office recycling is "clean." In 2012 ASU purchased 88,500 plastic liners which then became trash. Eliminating liners eliminates waste and reduces cost. Tip: If you eat lunch at your desk, you might carry the scraps directly to a central bin. It's a great way to keep moving.

Cleaning Your Minibin

  1. Wipe your minibin with a wet paper towel and throw the paper towel in the landfill bin.
  2. Rinse your minibin and clean it just like you would a coffee mug.
  3. Line your minibin with a grocery-store bag.

Need Help?

Please contact the Physical Plant at 828-262-3190 if you have any questions.