University Sustainability

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Campus Composting

The locations for public compost drop offs on campus are:

Office of Sustainability (East Hall)
Crossroads Coffee Shop
Wired Scholar Coffee Shop
Sanford Mall ( next to the “Aspire” statue)
Roess Dining Hall (outdoor dining plaza)
Doughton Hall
Summit Hall
Bowie/Eggers Hall

Food Scraps Only:
LLC Garden & Roots Garden

Compost collection in Rivers Street Cafe is conveniently located in the tray room. Please help out and pay attention to the items that are accepted in this bin.

Appalachian has expanded on-campus composting to include many non-residential buildings, and staff and faculty are encouraged to make use of these collection sites.

If you are interested in participating in this program you can choose your own compost collection container and are responsible for maintaining and emptying your own items into the collection carts. Old yogurt tubs, empty protein shake containers, or tupperware items work well for collection. Please do not bring off-campus materials onto campus for composting.

Non-Residential Building Compost Collection Sites- 32 or 64 gallon green carts:

  • Anne Belk Hall
  • BB Dougherty Hall
  • Garwood Hall
  • Katherine Harper Hall
  • Levine Hall
  • Lucy Brock Child Development Center
  • Miles Annas Hall
  • Office of Sustainability- East Hall
  • Peacock Hall- Coffee shop- 2nd floor
  • Plemmons Student Union
  • Roess Dining- River St. Tray Room
  • Reich College of Education
  • Student Recreation Center
  • Trivette Hall

The Sanford Mall compost drop off site is one of many compost collection sites on campus.

Items for composting:


  • All leftover food
  • Empty Pizza boxes
  • Paper - To-Go Boxes, Napkins, Paper towels, Wax deli paper
  • Coffee filters & grounds
  • Items labeled “compostable”
  • Tea bags


  • Recyclables
  • Landfill Items
  • Please place compost ONLY in the bin labeled

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