University Sustainability

Defining Sustainability since 1899
Sustainibility Council meeting.
Legends parking lot is home to Appalachian’s 4-plug solar-powered EV charging station.

Sustainability Council

The Sustainability Council, comprised of faculty, staff, and students, helps to create the vision for sustainability on our campus and in our community. The sustainability council’s working groups, listed below, actively work together on campus sustainability initiatives.

The Sustainability Council is currently focusing all their efforts on the 2020 Climate Action Plan.

Working Groups

  • Curriculum (strengthening and integrating sustainability into the university's curriculum)
  • Climate Action Planning (managing the University's climate neutrality goals and opportunities)
  • Resiliency (guilding the university's resilience assessment process)
  • Zero Waste (supporting campus waste and reduction opportunities)
  • Natural Environment (identify and manage opportunities where the physical environment can support university sustainability efforts)
  • Transportation (integrate and support the university's sustainable transportation efforts)
  • Food Systems (supporting food related sustainability efforts on campus)
  • Energy (supporting energy efficiency and clean energy efforts)
  • Sustainability in the Arts (advocating for artistic expressions that contribute to sustainability education)

Get Involved with the Sustainability Council

If you are interested in contributing to the efforts of the Sustainability Council, please contact Alice Gryder or by phone at 828-262-2659.