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Energy Summit 2022 - Schedule

Regenerative, Resilient, & Sustainable: Celebrating 10 Years of Best Practices

Updated June 3, 2022

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Wednesday, June 8 2022
  • Registration
    11:30am – 1:30pm EST
    4th Floor Plemmons Student Union
  • Non-Student Attendees: Working Groups – Plemmons Student Union
    • Academic Integration - 201A
    • Campus-Based Energy Efficiency - 201B
    • Finance, Regulatory, & Energy Generation - 169
    • High-Performance Campus Design - 415
    • Transportation-Oriented Opportunities - 165
    • Zero Waste & Waste Reduction - 417

    Student Attendees: Working Groups – leave from Plemmons Student Union traffic circle
    • Campus Gardens
    • Campus Sustainability Tour
    • Renewable Energy Initiatives
    1:30pm – 4:00pm EST
    Plemmons Student Union
  • Housing Check-in
    4:00pm – 5:30pm EST
    Thunder Hill Residence Hall
  • Opening Reception

    (Live Music: Lazybirds)

    5:30pm – 7:00pm EST
    Grandview Ballroom, North End Zone Facility at Kidd Brewer Stadium
  • Opening Plenary
    • Energy Solutions for North Carolina (Representative John Szoka)
    • Clean Energy Funding Opportunities (Sushma Masemore)
    • Putting One’s Sustainability Education to Work (Sarah Hooper Dorner)
    • Panel Discussion (Szoka, Masemore, Hooper Dorner)
    7:30pm – 9:00pm EST
    Valborg Theatre
Thursday, June 9 2022
  • Breakfast
    7:30am – 8:30am EST
    4th Floor Plemmons Student Union
  • Day 2 Plenary
    • State Energy Office Update (Beth Schrader)
    • Annual Utility Savings Initiative Update (Reid Conway)
    • Recycling State of the State (Sandy Skolochenko)
    • Building a Statewide Community Garden Network (Alyssa McKim)
    8:45am – 10:15am EST
    Valborg Theatre
  • Conference Session 1
    • Climate Action Planning (Lee Ball & Jim Dees) - Reich College of Education 124A
    • Building an Electric Vehicle Fleet at UNC Charlotte (Michael Lizotte) - Belk Library 114
    • Sustainable Purchasing - Reich College of Education 124B
      • Thinking through the Purchase to Save Energy (Reid Conway)
      • Resources for Sustainable Purchasing (Jan Hardin)
      • App State's Journey toward Sustainable Purchasing (Jennifer Maxwell)
    • Thrift Stores, Free Stores, & Food Pantries - Reich College of Education 124C
      • Let’s Get Thrifty: Central Carolina University’s Journey to Building a More Sustainable Community (Lanie Karstrom)
      • Mountaineer Food Hub & Free Store (Bella Carpenter)
    10:30am – 11:20am EST
  • Lunch – 4th Floor Plemmons Student Union

    Student Poster Competition Viewing – Solarium, 1st Floor Plemmons Student Union
    11:30am – 1:00pm EST
    Plemmons Student Union
  • USGBC Presentation: Commitments to Sustainable, Resilient, Equitable, and Healthy Buildings and Communities (Diane Coleman)
    1:00pm – 1:50pm EST
    Belk Library 114
  • Conference Session 2
    • Campus Gardens - Reich College of Education 124A
      • In All Things Dig a Little Deeper (Tamette Farrington)
      • Coordinating Community Gardens (Alyssa McKim)
    • UNC Chapel Hill Green Labs (Jessica Knight O’Hara & Obadele St. George) - Reich College of Education 124B
    • Boone: 100% Renewable & More (George Santucci) - Reich College of Education 124C
    • North Carolina Clean Transportation Plan (Jennifer Weiss) - Belk Library 114
    2:00pm – 2:50pm EST
  • Conference Session 3
    • From Honey Bees to Cast Iron Skillets: Sustainable Food Research at Appalachian State (Carla Ramsdell & Rahman Tashakkori) - Reich College of Education 124A
    • All You Want to Know about 1292 Energy Carry Forward Funds (Reid Conway) - Belk Library 114
    • Practical Iterative Steps Toward Regenerative Architecture (Mike Kapp) - Reich College of Education 124B
    • Sustainable Dining - Reich College of Education 124C
      • FEEDS: Sustainable Dining Program at UNC Asheville (Chantal Fortin)
      • Sustainable Dining with UNC Wilmington (Veda Lewin)
    3:00pm – 3:50pm EST
  • Poster Awards Reception

    (Live Music: Heel Raisers)

    4:00pm – 5:30pm EST
    Solarium, 1st Floor Plemmons Student Union
Friday, June 10 2022
  • Breakfast
    7:30am – 8:30am EST
    Reich College of Education 127
  • Student Attendees: Student Summit
    • Detailed program TBA
    • Lunch provided (students only)
    9:00am – 2:00pm EST
    Reich College of Education 124ABC
  • Non-Student Attendees: Campus and Local Tours – leave from Reich College of Education traffic circle
    • App State Compost
    • Campus Gardens
    • High-Performance Greenhouse at App State's Blackburn Vannoy Farm (*to conclude at 11:30 a.m.)
    • Renewable Energy Initiatives (student-led walking tour)
    • "Team Sunergy" Solar Vehicle Team Workshop
    9:00am – 11:00am* EST
  • Non-Student Attendees: Lunch on your own
    11:00/11:30am – 1:00pm EST
  • Film Series
    1:00pm – 4:00pm EST
    Greenbriar Theatre, 2nd Floor Plemmons Student Union