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Legends parking lot is home to Appalachian’s 4-plug solar-powered EV charging station.
Legends parking lot is home to Appalachian’s 4-plug solar-powered EV charging station.

Energy Summit 2015

2015 Summit Speakers

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Keynote Speaker

Mr. Kennedy is an environmental law specialist who has advocated for the protection of waterways, indigenous rights, and renewable energy. Mr. Kennedy helped found and establish the the non-profit environmental group Waterkeeper Alliance and has served as the president of its board. In 1999, he was named one of Time magazine's “Heroes for the Planet” for his success in helping lead the fight to restore the Hudson River. The group's achievement helped spawn more than 130 Waterkeeper organizations across the globe.

Amory B. Lovins

Amory B. Lovins, an American consultant experimental physicist and 1993 MacArthur Fellow, has been active at the nexus of energy, resources, economy, environment, development, and security in more than 50 countries for over 40 years, including 14 years based in England. He is widely considered among the world's leading authorities on energy—especially its efficient use and sustainable supply—and a fertile innovator in integrative design and in superefficient buildings, factories, and vehicles.

After two years at Harvard, Mr. Lovins transferred to Oxford, and two years later became a don at 21, receiving in consequence an Oxford ma by Special Resolution (1971) and, later, 12 honorary doctorates of various U.S. and U.K. universities. He has been Regents' Lecturer at the U. of California both in Energy and Resources and in Economics; Grauer Lecturer at the University of British Columbia; Luce Visiting Professor at Dartmouth; Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the University of Oklahoma; Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Colorado; Oikos Visiting Professor of Business, University of St. Gallen; an engineering visiting professor at Peking U.; 2007 MAP/Ming Professor at Stanford's School of Engineering; and 2011– Professor of Practice at the Naval Postgraduate School.

During 1979–2002, Mr. Lovins worked as a team with L. Hunter Lovins (his wife 1979–99). They shared a 1982 Mitchell Prize, a 1983 Right Livelihood Award (often called the "alternative Nobel Prize"), the 1999 Lindbergh Award, and Time's 2000 Heroes for the Planet Award. In 1989 he won the Onassis Foundation's first Delphi Prize for their "essential contribution towards finding alternative solutions to energy problems." That contribution included the "end-use / least-cost" redefinition of the energy problem (in Foreign Affairs in 1976)—asking what quantity, quality, scale, and source of energy will do each task in the cheapest way. This economically based approach first permitted successful foresight in the competitive energy-service marketplace. In 1993 he received the Nissan Prize for inventing superefficient ultralight-hybrid cars (, and in 1999, partly for that work, the World Technology Award (Environment). He also received the Heinz Award, the Happold Medal of the [UK] Construction Industry Council, the Benjamin Franklin Medal of the [UK] Royal Society of Arts (Life Fellow), and in 2007, the Blue Planet Prize, Volvo Prize, honorary membership of the American Institute of Architects, Foreign Membership of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, Time International's Hero of the Environment award, Popular Mechanics' Breakthrough Leadership award, and honorary Senior Fellowship of the Design Futures Council. In 2008 he was named one of America's 24 Best Leaders by U.S. News & World Report and Harvard's Kennedy School, and received the first Aspen Institute / National Geographic Energy and Environment Award for Individual Thought Leadership. In 2009, he received the National Design Award and an Ashoka Fellowship, while Time named him among the world's 100 most influential people, and Foreign Policy, one of the 100 top global thinkers. In 2011, he was co-Runner-Up for the Zayed Future Energy Prize.

In 1982, the Lovinses cofounded Rocky Mountain Institute (, an independent, entrepreneurial, nonprofit think-and-do tank. RMI's ~80 staff drive the efficient and restorative use of resources to help make the world thriving, verdant, and secure, for all, for ever. Ms. Lovins left RMI in 2002; Mr. Lovins is now its Chief Scientist and Chairman Emeritus. The Institute's ~$12-million annual revenue comes both from programmatic enterprise, chiefly private-sector consultancy, and from grants and donations. RMI's balance sheet comes largely from Mr. Lovins's having cofounded, led, spun off, and in 1999 sold (to the Financial Times group) E source, the premier source of information on advanced electric efficiency (

Mr. Lovins has briefed 23 heads of state, given expert testimony in eight countries and 20+ states, delivered thousands of lectures, and published 31 books and over 480 papers, as well as poetry, landscape photography, music (he was a pianist and composer), and an electronics patent. In 1980–81 he served on the U.S. Department of Energy's senior advisory board, and in 1999–2001 and 2006–08, on Defense Science Board task forces on military energy strategy. He is a member of the Chief of Naval Operations' Advisory Board and the National Petroleum Cuncil. In 1984 he was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science "for his book Soft Energy Paths and many other noteworthy contributions to energy policy," in 1988, of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, and in 2001, of the World Business Academy. Dr. Alvin Weinberg, former Director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, called him "surely the most articulate writer on energy in the whole world today"; Newsweek, "one of the Western world's most influential energy thinkers." Dr. John Ahearne, then Vice President of Resources for the Future, remarked that "Amory Lovins has done more to assemble and advance understanding of [energy] efficiency opportunities than any other single person." The Wall Street Journal's Centennial Issue named him among 39 people in the world most likely to change the course of business in the 1990s; Car called him the 22nd most powerful person in the global car industry; and The Economist wrote in 2008 that "history has proved him right."

An occasional advisor to the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners and World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Mr. Lovins has addressed hundreds of fora sponsored by such groups as The Engineering Foundation, Association of Energy Engineers, ASHRAE, Society of Automotive Engineers, Royal Academy of Engineering, National Academy of Sciences, American Physical Society, International Association for Energy Economics, Montreux Energy Forum, Institution of Electrical Engineers, McKinsey and Company, Accenture, Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan, Allen & Co., News Corporation, Fortune, Forbes, Time, ULI, IDRC, CoreNet, AIA, API, AAPG, AGA, EEI, EPRI, CRIEPI, Hoover and Brookings Institutions, CSIS, Chatham House, Council on Foreign Relations, Pacific Council, Commonwealth Club, Keidanren, Conference Board, World Economic Forum, Tällberg Conference, TED, FiRE, eg, World Bank, GBN, Highlands Forum, NPS, NWC, NDU, DAU, Aspen Design Conference, Royal Society, and Royal Society of Arts. He collaborates on landscape photography and orangutan conservation with his wife, fine-art landscape photographer Judy Hill Lovins (

David W. Orr

David W. Orr is the Paul Sears Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics and Senior Adviser to the President, Oberlin College. He is the author of seven books, including Down to the Wire: Confronting Climate Collapse (Oxford, 2009) and co-editor of three others. He has authored nearly 200 articles, reviews, book chapters, and professional publications. In the past twenty-five years he has served as a board member or adviser to eight foundations and on the Boards of many organizations including the Rocky Mountain Institute and the Aldo Leopold Foundation. Currently he is a Trustee of the Bioneers, Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, and the Worldwatch Institute. He has been awarded seven honorary degrees and a dozen other awards including a Lyndhurst Prize, a National Achievement Award from the National Wildlife Federation, and recently a "Visionary Leadership Award" from Second Nature. He has lectured at hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He headed the effort to design, fund, and build the Adam Joseph Lewis Center, which was named by an AIA panel in 2010 as "the most important green building of the past thirty years," and as "one of thirty milestone buildings of the twentieth century" by the U.S. Department of Energy. He is the executive director of the Oberlin project and a founding editor of the journal Solutions.

2015 Attendees

Last Name First Name Affiliation Title
Abdelrazek Sherif UNC Charlotte Research Assistant
Ackerman Rachel  UNC Greensboro Student
Acquesta Carole Appalachian State University Director of Planning, Design & Construction
Adcock Emily NC School of Science and Mathematics Ms.
Adriatico Jaclyn NC State University Student
Agyekum Afia Fosua NC A&T State University Student
Alexander Ruth NC School of Science and Mathematics  Sustainability Project Leader at NCSSM
Amosah Juleo NC School of Science and Mathematics Mr.
Anderson Nathan Appalachian State University Student
Arias Carolina UNC Asheville Student Environmental Center Co-director
Arnold Alex Appalachian State University Graduate Student 
Avin Griffin East Carolina University Chief Sustainability Officer
Bacchus Dunamis NC A&T State University Student
Bagnell William East Carolina University Associate Vice Chancellor
Baldwin George Piedmont Natural Gas Managing Director-Government Relations & Sustainability
Baldwin Thomas UNC Asheville Energy Manager
Ball Lee Appalachian State University Faculty
Ballard Nancy East Carolina University Spouse
Ballard Steve East Carolina University Chancellor
Baptiste Jason Appalachian State University Candidate for MS in Engineering Physics
Barner Phillip UNC Chapel Hill Director of Energy Services 
Barnett Anthony East Carolina University Graduate
Bauknecht Frederick Western Carolina University  Director of Parking and Transportation
Beck Nicole East Carolina University Graduate Student
Becker Craig East Carolina University Associate Professor
Beckles Franklin Appalachian State University Lecturer
Bennett Jerry UNC Pembroke Admin. Support Assoc/Motor Pool
Berkowitz Alexander UNC Wilmington Treasurer, ECO
Berry Adam Western Carolina University Intern, Office of Sustainability and Energy Management
Bianculli Robert Western Carolina University Student
Bilichka Susanna Enterprise Holdings Area Sales Manager
Birner Amy Appalachian State University Student
Bishop Gary East Tennessee State University Director of Facilities
Bishop Lauren Western Carolina University Chief Sustainability Officer
Bitzer Dr Michael Catawba College Provost & Professor
Blackburn Rachel UNC Greensboro Student
Blakely Daniel Appalachian State University Solar Vehicle Team Project Manager
Blauser Harlan UNC Pembroke Sustainability Director
Blauser Jay UNC Pembroke N/A
Bowen Elizabeth NC State University  Sustainability Program Coordinator
Bowen Lauren Southern Environmental Law Center Attorney
Bradshaw Scott Elizabeth City State University Sustainability Director
Brentley Nesha UNC Charlotte ECU Transit Driver,UNCC 49er Transit
Brentrup Dale UNC Charlotte Professor of Architecture, Research Director
Brooks Joshua Appalachian State University Chair, ASU Renewable Energy Initiative
Broussard Chelli Winston-Salem State University Advisor
Brown Melissa Salisbury Academy Teacher
Brown Paul Hillphoenix Regional Sales
Brutz Heather NC State University Clean Transportation Specialist, NC Clean Energy Technology
Burgess Brandon Winston-Salem State University Student
Burgoyne Eric DPR Construction Project Engineer 
Burris Jeremy Pfeiffer University Student
Callahan Keith Wake Forest Unviersity  Director, Planning and Construction
Campbell Grace UNC Asheville Faculty
Can Elif Clemson University PhD Candidate
Carley Danesha NC State University Assistant Professor
Carmichael Naesheia NC State University Student
Carwein Chad UNC Greensboro Sustainability Education and Outreach Specialist
Casadonte John Cree Vertical Marketing Manager | Lighting
Cato Douglas UNC Greensboro Campus Mechanical Engineer
Chamberlin Jonathan Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Chief Officer, Facilities Services
Chamberlin Zach UNC Charlotte Student
Chananie Helen NC State University Clean Energy Technology Center Intern
Chatfield William East Carolina University Project Manager
Cheng Victoria Duke University Student
Cherry Diane NC State University Environments Policy Manager, Institute for Emerging Issues
Chin Robert East Carolina University Professor
Christian John Davidson College Physical Plant Administratio
Christie Joe Pepco Energy Services Senior Manager
Corvin Blake UNC Greensboro Presenter
Covi Michelle Old Dominion University Professor of Practice
Covington Debra Appalachian State University Director of Marketing and Engagement
Cox Jeff Wilkes Community College President
Croisant Daniel UNC Asheville Facilities Mechanical Engineer
Cross Stan Warren Wilson College Environmental Leadership Center Director
Crowe Ken University System of Georgia Director of Mgt and Operations
Crudup Daniel Southern New Hampshire University Student
Daniel Jessica Catawba College Student
Davidson Wood East Carolina University Director, ECU Transit
Deaver Billy North Carolina Central University Director of Utilities Services and Operations
DeLongpre Johnston Dedee Wake Forest University Chief Sustainability Officer
Devan Rhonda A-B Tech Community College CFO/VP Business & Finance
DeWald Laura Western Carolina University Professor and Director, Environmental Science Program
Diop Dijibril Fayetteville State University Energy Analyst and Sustainability Coordinator
Divine Terry UNC Pembroke Dir. of Energy Management
Dixon Colby Georgia College and State University Zone 1 Supervisor
Dixon Tracy NC State University Sustainability Director
Dollyhite Ronald Wilkes Community College Executive Director of Facilities
Donohue Malachy UNC Chapel Hill EHS Environmental Affairs Manager
Donzila Walt Celtic Energy, Inc. Director of Business Development
Drapcho Caye Clemson University Assoc Professor, Biosystems Engineering
Drotor Helen UNC Chapel Hill Student
Duffy Liam UNC Greensboro Assistant Professor
Duncan Justin UNC Pembroke Sustainability Coordinator
Dunlap Chris Western Carolina University Student
Durham Dan UNC Greensboro Director of Facilities Operations
Dyson Mark Rocky Mountain Institute Senior Associate
Edge Chase Appalachian State University Graduate Assistant
Edwards Randy Appalachian State University Chief of Staff
Elahi Mehran Elizabeth City State University Associate Professor
Elrod Todd East Tennessee State University Maintenance Manager
Eluka Nneze NC A&T State University  Intern / Energy Services and Sustainability
Erb Dave UNC Asheville Lecturer
Evans Zachary East Carolina University Student
Everhart Chad Appalachian State University Chairperson of Sustainable Tech. & the Built Environment
Everts Sheri Appalachian State University Chancellor
Facente Christopher UNC Charlotte Automotive and Motorfleet Supervisor
Fagan Joe Appalachian State University Student
Faircloth Brenton Appalachian State University Graduate Studnet & Research Assistant
Farlessyost Anna NC School of Science and Mathematics N/A 
Farris Chandler UNC Chapel Hill Undergrad 
Ferrell Jeremy Appalachian State University Assistant Professor
Fields John East Carolina University Director Facilities Engineering & Architectural Services 
Foreman Hank Appalachian State University Sr. Associate VC for Advancement/Chief Communications Office
Fort Richard Clark Nexsen Vice President
Foster Megan UNC Wilmington Student
Fowler Drake The North Carolina Arboretum CFO / COO
Francis Morgan Wilkes Community College  Senior VP - Administration
Franco Pedro Appalachian State University Graduate Student 
Fugate Forest Catawba College Ms. 
Fulmore Brenda Winston-Salem State University Director of Supplier Diversity
Fusco Andrew NRLP/ElectriCities VP, Corporate Planning
Gardner Gary Worldwatch Institute Director of Publications
Garner Elisabeth UNC Wilmington Library Specialist
Garo Laurie UNC Charlotte  Lecturer
Garvey Daniel HOUZE® Dir. Corporate Social Responsibility
Gentry Beth A-B Tech Community College Business Manager, Facilities and Operations
Gill John East Carolina University Asst Dir Facilities Services - Landscape Architect 
Gold Kimberly Isothermal Community College Vice President, Chief Academic Officer
Goswick David HOUZE® CEO
Graham Mariiyn Brunswick Community College Sustainability Coordinator
Gray Lyons N.C. Dept. of Revenue Secretary of Commerce
Griffin Joshua East Carolina University Student
Grissom Parker UNC Wilmington Student
Groark Ed Worldwatch Institute Chairman, Acting President
Grubbs Taylor UNC Greensboro Student
Guyer Regina UNC Charlotte EPIC Assistant Director - EEAO
Haasach Jill Elizabeth City State University Associate Professor
Hall Caitlin UNC Wilmington ECO President
Halpin Chris Celtic Energy, Inc. President
Hancock Emma UNC Wilmington Student
Hardin Beth UNC Charlotte Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs
Harjani Nikita Georgia College & State University President of Environmental Science Club
Harkleroad Eddie East Tennessee State University Director of Design, Renovation and Construction
Harrington Adrienne UNC Wilmington Transportation Coordinator
Harts Stan UNC Wilmington Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Hayes Jamie NC A&T State University Student
Hayes Sean Oberlin College Executive Director, The Oberlin Project
Haynes Tyquan Winston-Salem State University Junior Class President
Heath Shawn Duke Energy Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer
Hewlett Les East Carolina University Energy Manager
Hightower Jeff NC State University Director of Utility Planning
Hillen Ashleigh UNC Asheville Sustainability Research Assistant, Divestment Coalition
Hodges Greg Western Carolina University Director of Academic Resources and Business Operations
Hoepfi Marie Appalachian State Univeristy  Professor
Hoey Len DEACS/USI Engineering Manager
Holder Bob N/A Small Business Owner
Hooper Sarah Appalachian State Univeristy Intern, Office of Sustainability
Hoover Kacey NC Sustainable Energy Association Strategic Relations Manager
Houser James Appalachian State Univeristy Assistant Professor
Howard Rob Appalachian State Univeristy Adjuct Instructor 
Howell Mark UNC Asheville Building Automation Systems Administrator
Hunt Madeline NC School of Science and Mathematics Student
Hutcheson Renee DEACS/USI Energy Architect
Ibeziako Maryann University of Maryland College Park Director- Energy and Engineering
Ives A. Bradley UNC Chapel Hill Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Enterprises
Jacobs George UNC Chapel Hill  Energy Engineer
Jacobsen Preston University of Tennessee Sustainability Manager
Jeannie Smith UNC Chapel Hill Building Systems Engineer
Johns Melissa Duke Energy N/A
Johnson Edward East Carolina University Assistant Director
Johnson James NC A&T State University Energy Coordinator 
Johnston Laura Appalachian State University Executive Assistant, Physical Plant
Jones Philip UNC Charlotte Associate Vice Chancellor - Facillities Management
Kabis Richard Winston-Salem State University Director - Sustainability
Karayaka Hayrettin Bora Western Carolina University Assistant Professor
Kelley Tim East Carolina University Professor / Graudate Director
Kennedy, Jr. Robert F. N/A N/A
Kim  Hei-Young Appalachian State University Research Assistant
Kinefuchi Etsuko UNC Greensboro Associate Professor
King David Western Carolina University Energy Management Specialist
Knight Katie Mac Watauga High School Student
Koone Jeff Duke Energy Carolinas Senior Account Executive
Koster Francis The Optimistic Futurist Writer
Kowal Creeden Western Carolina University Student
Kowalczyk Tammy Appalachian State University Professor
Kruger Darrell Appalachian State University Provost
Kugler Brian UNC Charlotte Senior Project Manager
Kyle Staci Wake Forest University Graduate Student
Lawson John University of Florida Energy Coordinator
Leahy Wayne Pepco Energy Services Client Manager 
Levister Joseph Fayetteville Technical College Vice President for Administrative Services
Lewis Brien Catawba College President
Lewis Laura Catawba College First Lady
Little Terry East Carolina University Recycling Coordinator
Lizotte Michael UNC Charoltte University Sustainability Officer 
Loew Nicole Appalachian State University Web Content Specialist, Office of Sustainability
Looper Jimmy Furman Univeristy Energy Manager
Lotspeich Chris Celtic Energy, Inc. Director of Sustainability Services
Lovins Amory Rocky Mountain Institute Co-Founder and Chief Scientist
Lovins Greg Appalachian State University Vice Chancellor, Business Affairs
Luckett Robert Jackson State University Director, Margaret Walker Center
Luna Gene University of South Carolina Associate VP Student Affairs 
Lyon Melissa Fayetteville State University Service-Learning Program Manager
Lyons Jeff Hobbs Associates GM
Maass Kern Appalachian State University Associate Dean 
Maharjan Rabindra UNC Charlotte Graduate Student
Maimone Charles UNC Greensboro Vice Chancellor of Business Affairs
Maines Pamela Pepco Energy Services Vice President, Business Development
Marcus Sonia UNC Asheville Director of Sustainability 
Marino Rick Cree Sales Director
Marlett Emily Appalachian State University Employer Relations Coordinator
Marshall Jerry Appalachian State University Energy Manager
Martin Chris McKim and Creed Sr. Project Manager 
Martin Lyn NCDENR - USI Energy Engineer, Utility Savings Initiative
Martin W. Steve UNC Pembroke AVC for Facilities Management 
Massry Nasser Winston-Salem State University University Engineer
Matthy Lindsay UNC Charlotte Student
Mattox John Fayetteville State University Professor
Maxwell Jennifer Appalachian State University Resource Conservation Specialist
McCracken Susan Appalachian State University Director External Affairs
McDade Keith Lenoir-Rhyne University Associate Professor of Sustainability Studies Center for Graduate Studies
McDonald Trey UNC Greensboro Sustainability Coordinator
McGinnis Charles Johnson Controls Sr. Director-State Government-Higher Education
McGowan Bill Lees-McRae College VP of Facilities & Security
McKinney Scott UNC Pembroke Assistant Controller
McMillan Martha UNC-TV Director of Operations
McMullen Timothy North Carolina Central University Director of Capital Projects Mangement
McNeill Julia East Carolina University Graduate Student
Megri Ahmed NC A&T State University Associate Professor
Merritt Greg Cree Vice President
Metcalf Pamela Central Piedmont Community College Director of Energy and Sustainability 
Miller Ed New Rier Light & Power General Manager
Miller Janet Appalachian State University Outreach Manager
Miller Jonathan UNC Pembroke Student
Miller Matt Central Piedmont Community College Program Chair
Mitchell PhD MPH Lloyd Elizabeth City State University Associate Professor
Mohajeryami Saeed UNC Charlotte PhD Student
Mohammadzadeh Nooshafarin NC State University  Graduate Research Assistant
Monteleone Bonnie UNC Wilmington Chemistry Dept.
Moody Ged Appalachian State Universiy Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Sustainability
Mooney Leah UNC Wilmington Student
Moore Jamie UNC School of the Arts Manager of Landscaping/Sustainability Coordinator
Moore Kathleen East Tennessee State University Director of Sustainability 
Moye Stevie East Carolina University Motorcoach Operator
Neff Eric Appalachian State Universiy Adjunct Instructor
Nelson Stephen Furman University Student
Norris Heather Appalachian State Universiy Interim Dean
O'Connor Katie NC School of Science and Mathematics Vice Chancellor for Academic Programs
O'Connor Mike Appalachian State Universiy Director, Physical Plan
O'Hara Jessica UNC Chapel Hill Energy Analyst
Oliver Ian NC School of Science and Mathematics Student Life Instructor 
Olsen Olee N/A Student
Orfield Jay NRDC Renewable Energy Analyst 
Orfield Mark Johnson Controls Branch Manager
Orr David Oberlin College Special Assistant to the President on Sustainability
Orr Elaine N/A N/A
Oshita Emily Fayetteville State University Student Assistant
Ousdahl Michael NC State University Assistant Director - Transporatio
Paprocki Daniel NC State University Energy Engineer
Parker Daniel UNC Chapel Hill Student Assistant 
Parr Jay Appalachian State University Student
Parsons Jon Fayetteville State University Director of Facilities Operations & Maintenance
Pereira Maria UNC Pembroke Associate Professor
Perry Jason University of Georgia Program Coordinator
Pettyjohn Susan Appalachian State University Vice Chancellor
Pickett Marty Rocky Mountain Institute Managing Director
Peirce John UNC Asheville Vice Chancellor of Finance & Operations
Peirce William Appalachian State University Project Engineer
Pierre Jacques NC A&T State University Energy Services and Sustainability Director
Pine John Appalachian State University Director
Pittman Joseph UNC Greensboro Student
Plummer Grace Appalachian State University Program Specialist, Appalachian Energy Center
Pohlman Kat UNC Wilmington  Sustainability Coordinator
Pope Janice Appalachian State University Professor
Powell Bill Pepco Energy Services  Director of Engineering
Powell Claudia NC State University Energy Program Coordinatior
Powell Phillip North Carolina Central University  Director of Building Maintenance and Grounds
Powell Robert NC A&T University Associate Professor
Powers Dargan NC State University Student
Pruitt Jonathan UNC General Administration Sr. Associate V.P. for Finance
Putnam Walter Shift Equity N/A 
Quenon Anya NC School of Science and Mathematics Sustainability Project Leader
Quintal Jorge UNC Greensboro  Associate Vice Chancellor
Quirk Stephen Jonson Controls Area General Manager
Rabold Rod UNC Chapel Hill Cx Coordinator/Engineer
Radford Samantha NC Sustainabile Energy Association Web and Creative Specialist
Raichle Brian Appalachian State University Professor 
Ramsdell Carla Appalachian State University Lecturer
Ramsdell Jeff Appalachian State University Professor & Director
Ranson Bill Furman University Professor
Rascoff Matthew UNC General Administration Vice President 
Rasnick Bill East Tennessee State University VP
Rawat Kuldeep Elizabeth City State University Department Chair
Reaves Alison Appalachian State University Associate Director, 
BB&T Student Leadership Center
Redderson Jeff Furman University AVP Facilities
Reinmann Paul UNC Wilmington Facility Engineer Specialist
Richardson Patrick Appalachian State University Energy Analyst
Roberson Chad Clark Nexsen Principal
Roberts Todd NC School of Science and Mathematics Chacellor
Robinson Gary Winston-Salem State University WSSU Go Green CH
Robinson Julia Western Carolina University Student
Rogers Anne Georgia Institute of Technology Sustainability Program and Portfolio Manager
Rogers Matt UNC Wilmington Director of Dining Operations 
Ross Thomas University of North Carolina President
Rowe Debra US Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development President
Sam Robert UNC Pembroke Sustainability Intern
Sanders Amy Appalachian State University N/A
Schallert Tony UNC Charlotte Energy Manager
Schoenathaler Laura NC State University Doctoral Student
Seymour Rose Mary Central Piedmont Community College Exec Director, Center for Sustainability
Shankar Rudy UNC Charlotte, EPIC Professor Research 
Sharpe Steve UNC Wilmington Energy Manager
Shay Elizabeth Appalachian State University Faculty
Shea Cindy UNC Chapel Hill Sustainability Director
Shore Brad The North Carolina Arboretum Facillities Maintenance Supervisor
Silverman Gary UNC Charlotte Department Chair
Simmons Amanda UNC Chapel Hill Transportation Demand Manager
Sims Paul East Tennessee State University Professor
Smiley Colleen Catawba College Asst. Outreach Coordinator
Smith Cameron NC State University Director, Captial Project Management
Smith Deanne Appalachian State University Assistant Director, Employer Relations, Career Development
Smith Dusty UNC Pembroke Student
Smith Hayes Second Creek Development Co. Managing Partner
Smith Kenan Second Creek Development Co. Managing Partner
Smith Lindsay Appalachian State University Graduate Student
Smith Susan Appalachian State University Mrs.
Soderberg Eric NC State University Enegy Engineer
Sordellini Georgette UNC Greensboro N/A
Spalding Carol Rowan-Cabarrus Community College President
Spellman Carlton UNC Pembroke VC for Finance and Admin
St. Clair Price Watauga High School President, Sustainability Club
Stadnik John Johnson Controls Account Executive
Stahl Kathleen DENR USI Energy Engineer
Stanback Alice N/A N/A
Stanback Fred N/A N/A
Stark Mark UNC Chapel Hill Fleet Operation Manager


University of Florida Energy Coordinator
Stephens Seth Catawba College Student
Steury Stan Appalachian State University Research Scientist
Stewart Vincent Hanson Professional Senior Commissioning Specialist
Still Robert East Carolina University Project Manager
Stolka Kurt UNC Chapel Hill Transportation Planner
Stover Nicholas Appalachian State University Student
Strawder Lorianne Georgia College & State University Sustainability Officer
Tallarico Debbie Blue Mountain Center LPC
Talley Kiddia NC A&T State University Student
Tate Adrian NC High Country Coucil of Goverments N/A
Taylor Alex Appalachian State University Graduate Student
Taylor Douglas Catawba College Student
Tazewell Anne NC Clean Energy Technology Center Transportation Program Manager
Terrell Jack Appalachian State University Student Coordinator
Thompson David NC A&T State University Student
Todd David UNC Asheville Director of Campus Operations
Trefz Karen Appalachian State University Office Manager
Tripp Miriam UNC General Adminstration Special Projects Officer
Tuberty Shea Appalachian State University Associate Professor
Tyler Grant UNC Wilmington Student
Urgo Joseph R UNC Asheville Provost
Urlab Ivan NC Sustainable Energy Association Executive Director
Vaughn Brian UNC Chapel Hill  Student 
Walker David UNC Charlotte  Student
Walker Dianne Winston-Salem State University Director of Operations Maintenance
Walker Scott UNC Asheville Facility Planner 
Wall Elisabeth Appalachian State University Communications/Sustainability
Wall Katie Appalachian State University Outdoor Programs Manager
Walters Kathy NCDENR-USI Special Projects Manager
Wambul Antony NC State University Transportation Planner
Wang Ziren NC Sustainable Energy Association Energy Policy Analyst
Warren Jesse University of Virigina Sustainability Prgrm Mgr – Bldngs & Ops. – Facilities Managr
Warren Tracy Winston-Salem State University Mainatance Supervisor
Warshaw Cecilia N/A N/A
Warshaw Steve NCSSM Retired Vice Chancellor for Academic Programs
Watkins Charles NC A&T State University Facillities Maintenance Tech
Watkins Nolan UNC Charlotte Mechanical Engineering Technology
Weatherly Billy-Gray UNC Wilmington Jewelry Designer, Renewable Recreation
Weddie Chase Western Carolina University Electrical & Computer Engineer
Welek Chuck Enterprise Holdings Corporate Zimride Manager 
Westerman Jim Appalachian State University Director of Sustainable Business, Walker College of Business
White Jon CST Fleet Services Associate
Whitehouse Seth Georgia College & State University President, Enviromental Science Club
Williams Matt University of Florida Director, Office of Sustainability and Energy Integration
Williams Suzanne UNC Greensboro Associate Director TDM
Wlison Lee Appalachian State University Renewable Energy Initiative
Wilson Stephen Clark Nexsen Principal
Winecoff Bailey Appalachian State University Director of Sustainability, Student Goverment Association
Wittum Elijah Catawba College Student
Woodyard Carol UNC-TV Director, Facillities
Wyckoff Harold Fayetteville Technical Community College Directo of Facility Services
Young David UNC Charlotte Professor, Associate Director EPIC
Zahir Mona Winston-Salem State University SGA Attorney General 
Zilberdrut Sean UNC Charlotte Student 

2015 Student Summit

The 80 students attending the Summit were selected from hundreds of applicants following a rigorous application process. 30 student research posters were selected for display over the two days. This year's Student Summit was co-sponsored by the Walker College of Business at Appalachian State University. The Walker College is committed to advancing sustainable business practices that promote responsible management of economic, social, and natural resources. Read the full Walker College of Business mission statement.

NC Sustainable Energy Association is proud to be a sponsor and participant of the 2015 Student Summit! NC Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) is the leading 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to driving public policy and market development that creates clean energy jobs, economic opportunities and affordable energy to benefit all of North Carolina. Full details of our work and members can be found at

Breakdown of Student Scholar Participants:
17 Public and Private Universities Represented from North Carolina

Degree Programs:
6 Doctoral Students
22 Masters Students
46 Bachelors Students
6 High School Students

Student Poster Abstract Database

Brian Vaughn Class of 2018 
Undergraduate Student, Environmental Science 
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
Policy Analysis of the Energy Freedom Act and the Tax Credit Extension for Renewable Energy Property

Eric Neff Class of 2015 
M.S., Appropriate Technology
Appalachian State University 
An evaluation of the exchange of value and energy in net metering in North Carolina

Alex Arnold Class of 2016 
Graduate Student, Technology
Pedro Franco Class of 2016 
Graduate Student, Technology
Nathan Anderson Class of 2015 
B.S., Appropriate Technology
Appalachian State University 
The Nexus: Heating Greenhouses with Bioenergy from Waste Streams

Nicholas Stover Class of 2016 
Undergraduate Student, Appropriate Technology
Appalachian State University
E-Cycle Share App State

Blake Corvin Class of 2016 
Undergraduate Student, Environmental Science
University of North Carolina at Greensboro 
Dan River Rising: Rural activism in North Carolina's Dan River Basin"

Chris Dunlap Class of 2015 
B.S., Geology
Western Carolina University 
Organic Rich Deposits From a Southern Appalachian Wetland Indicate Carbon Sequestration Potential and Site Stability Over the Last Millennium

Victoria Cheng Class of 2016 
Undergraduate Student, Mathematics
Duke University 
Passive Heating and Lighting—A Case Study Using the MS&T 2009 Solar House

Jamie Hayes Class of 2016 
Undergraduate Student, Architectural Engineering
North Carolina A&T 
Saving Energy Using new Materials - Application to Heat Transfer between the Home and The Ground Using the Difference Finite Method

Stephen Nelson Class of 2015 
B.S., Earth and Environmental Science
Furman University 
Renewable Energy and a Climate Action Plan for Furman University: Carbon Neutrality by 2026

Chase Weddle Class of 2016 
Undergraduate Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
Robert Bianculli Class of 2015 
Undergraduate Student, Electrical Engineering
Adam Berry Class of 2015 
Undergraduate Student, Parks and Recreation Management
Western Carolina University
The Electron Garden on the Green (EGG) Project for Western Carolina University

Joshua Brooks Class of 2016 
Graduate Student, Technology
Appalachian State University 
Mountain Laurel Home - Research project for DOE Race to Zero competition

Laura Schoenthaler Class of 2016 
Doctoral Student, Design
North Carolina State University 
Urban Deindustrialization and the Emergence of Landscapes of Adaptation and Resiliency

Sean Zilberdrut Class of 2015 
Undergraduate Student, Electrical Engineering
University of North Carolina at Charlotte 
Investigating the Effects of Grid Equivalent Circuit at a Point of Common Coupling on Distribution System Long-Term Dynamics

Lee Wilson Class of 2016 
Undergraduate Student, Sustainable Development
Appalachian State University 
Appalachian State University Scale Free Project

Nicole Beck Class of 2016 
Graduate Student, Environmental Health
Eastern Carolina University 
Initiating Sustainable Behavior: Feel Good for Doing Good

Jason Baptiste Class of 2015 
Graduate Student, Engineering Physics
Appalachian State University 
Dual-Axis Photovoltaic Solar Tracker with MPPT Battery Charging, Diversion Load Handling, and Data Acquisition/Transmission

Sherif Abdelrazek Class of 2016 
Doctoral Student, Electrical Engineering
University of North Carolina at Charlotte 
Grid Tied Battery Energy Storage Systems Smart Controllers

Julia McNeill Class of 2017 
Graduate Student, Sustainable Tourism
East Carolina University
Teaching Sustainable Business Practices

Daniel Blakeley Class of 2018 
Graduate Student, Appropriate Technology
Appalachian State University 
Solar Powered Vehicles: Cornerstone of a Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure

Kiddia Talley Class of 2017 
Undergraduate Student, Architectural Engineering
North Carolina A&T
Solar Revolution

Nooshafarin Mohammadz Class of 2015 
Doctoral Student, Architecture
North Carolina State University
An optimization approach for integrating different roof functions with environmental impacts constraint: "A hybrid framework"  

Rachel Blackburn Class of 2016 
Undergraduate Student, Political Science
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
The Dan River Coal Ash Spill: An Orientation to the Current Politics between Duke Energy, the State of North Carolina, and the EPA 

Joseph Fagan Class of 2015 
Graduate Student, Business Administration 
Graduate Student, Engineering Physics
Appalachian State University 
Using ICT & Analytics to Build Demand for Sustainable Power Consumption in Boone, NC

Ashleigh Hillen Class of 2016 
Undergraduate Student, Environmental Studies
University of North Carolina Asheville 
The UNC Asheville Divestment Campaign

Joseph Pittman Class of 2015 
Undergraduate Student, Chemistry
University of North Carolina Greensboro 
A Duplex Stirling Engine with Programmable Piston Positions

Taylor Grubbs Class of 2016 
Undergraduate Student, Physics
University of North Carolina Greensboro 
An Arduino controlled Linear Fresnel Reflector

Naesheia Carmichael Class of 2018 
Undergraduate Student, Sustainable Development
North Carolina State University 
Reaching Prospective University Students through Sustainability Messaging in Social Media

Brenton Faircloth Class of 2016 
Graduate Student, Technology
Appalachian State University 
AASHE STARS Comparative Analysis of Energy Related Credits for Schools Participating in the 2015 Appalachian Energy Summit

Parker Grissom Class of 2015
Undergraduate Student, Exercise Science
University of North Carolina Wilmington
Renewable Recreation

Creeden Kowal Class of 2015
B.S., Environmental Science
Julia Robinson Class 2015
B.S., Environmental Science
Western Carolina University
Evaluating Sustainability of Purchasing Practices at Western Carolina University

2015 AES Student Speakers

Heather Hulburt Norris

Dr. Heather Hulburt Norris joined the Walker College of Business faculty in the fall of 2003 in the Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance. She was named assistant dean for undergraduate programs in 2005, associate dean for undergraduate programs and administration in 2008 and senior associate dean in 2012. She was named acting dean of the college in July 2014.

Prior to her time at Appalachian, Norris served on the faculty at Bowling Green State University, the Pennsylvania State University and West Virginia University.

Norris was drawn to the Walker College of Business because of its clear mission and achievement of offering transformational educational experiences to students. As acting dean, she will guide the vision of the college and actively pursue financial support to achieve it.

Norris' teaching and research interests involve corporate finance and investments, with a particular emphasis on corporate restructuring. She has been published in the Journal of Portfolio Management, Financial Management, Managerial and Decision Economics and the Journal of Applied Business Research. Her work on corporate restructuring has been cited in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week and Dow Jones Online News. Norris is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma and Phi Kappa Phi.

Norris serves on the Board of Directors of Homes for Children, the parent organization of Grandfather Home for Children and Barium Springs Home for Children. She is a member of the board's finance committee, foundation board and investments committee. Norris also serves on the board of directors for the Boone Area Chamber of Commerce.

Norris and her husband, Rob (Appalachian '87), have a young daughter, Emma, who aspires to be a future Mountaineer. 

Francis P. Koster

Dr. Fran Koster received his doctorate from The Program for the Study of The Future at the University of Massachusetts where his dissertation work focused on why populations and leaders would ignore warnings, even when the warning was factual, had reliable sources, and delivered directly to the people who could and should take evasive action.

Fran is a writer and frequent lecturer on threats to our basic life support systems of air, water, food, and energy. His lectures and articles offer proven, cost-effective, and job creating solutions to those problems. His research, coupled with extensive careers with progressive responsibility in Higher Education Administration, Peace Corps, Renewable Energy, and Healthcare, convinced him that it does no good to warn people about emerging problems or opportunities if you cannot also furnish them with an acceptable alternative path.

"Telling leaders that the sky is going to fall only makes them feel impotent, discouraged, and resistant," says Fran, "unless you can also hand them an umbrella and a map to safe shelter. If a problem is pointed out without furnishing a solution, the recipient of the warning reacts psychologically by blocking the warning. This means leaders cannot hear, and thus cannot lead in positive directions." 

Kacey Hoover

Kacey Hoover serves as NC Sustainable Energy Association's Strategic Relations Manager to work with a diverse stakeholder base and drive advocacy and engagement that help enable growth and market leadership in the clean energy industry. Kacey offers a strong technical background of regulatory, government affairs, and market trends pertinent to the industry.

Kacey earned a M.S. in Technology with a concentration in Appropriate Technology from Appalachian State University and a B.S. in Environmental Science from Catawba College. Kacey is also an active member of the Epsilon Pi Tau (EPT) honor society , the "Leading International Honor Society for Technology" that recognizes academic excellence in fields devoted to the study of technology.

2015 Industry Partner Career Panel

Deanne Smith

Deanne Smith is known for connecting and networking, given any opportunity. Almost all of her professional career has been at Appalachian State University and related to student recruitment, outreach and development. A passionate student advocate, she thrives on helping students engage and identify exceptional opportunities to grow and develop personally and professionally. She earned an undergraduate degree in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and a Master's degree in Higher Education Administration, both from Appalachian.

John Casadonte

John Casadonte is a Product Marketing Manager at Cree, a market-leading innovator of lighting-class LEDs, LED lighting, and semiconductor solutions for wireless and power applications. With more than 20 years of experience, John has held numerous marketing positions involving product management, business development, channel/vertical marketing and industry relations. His current role at Cree is to drive thought leadership, credibility and business opportunities across all verticals with a specific focus in the Education and Healthcare marketplace.

Joe Christie

Joe Christie, CEM, CDRM, is the Senior Manager for Pepco Energy's Raleigh, North Carolina regional office. Corporate offices are in Arlington, Virginia.

Joe develops and directs Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) projects for Municipalities, Universities, K-12 Schools, and Hospitals in the Southeast. During the last 8 years with Pepco Energy, he has been responsible for successful customer outcomes delivering over $35 million in energy infrastructure projects entirely paid by savings.

Joe holds a B.S. Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kentucky and completed the Executive Management Program at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. His background includes healthcare as VP Construction & Planning with Kings' Daughter's Medical Center, industrial equipment distribution as Branch President with Ferguson Enterprises, CM at Risk and GC construction as VP with Skanska USA Building and consulting engineering as Business Development Manager with McKim & Creed Engineering. This background adds perspective to the turn-key energy performance projects Pepco Energy develops, manages, and guarantees (including Appalachian State University, the City of Greensboro and Sandhills Community College).

Chris Lotspeich

Chris Lotspeich MPPM, MES, CEM (pending) is Director of Sustainability Services at Celtic Energy (, a Connecticut-based consultancy. He is project manager for consulting support to the City of Stamford, CT for its micro grid and resilience retrofit project and was lead author of micro grid proposals for Stamford and Glastonbury, CT. Chris is part of a team with Arup and the City and County of San Francisco implementing a Department of Energy grant to install solar power plus energy storage for critical facility energy surety city-wide. He serves as the energy and sustainability coordinator for the University of New Haven, Connecticut. Chris was lead author of the Whole-Systems Integrative Green Design Module for the Government of Singapore's Certified Energy Manager course created in 2010. He was a 2002–2003 Batten Fellow at the University of Virginia's Darden business school. From 1994–2001 he was Executive Assistant to Amory Lovins and Senior Associate at Rocky Mountain Institute where he worked on six continents and led numerous resource efficiency surveys at industrial facilities and on the U.S. Navy cruiser USS Princeton CG-59. He earned two masters degrees from Yale from the School of Management and the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and a B.A. in International Politics from Wesleyan University. Chris served as a wilderness EMT and firefighter on volunteer rescue services in Colorado, Connecticut and Maine.

Shawn Heath

Shawn Heath serves as vice president and chief sustainability officer for Duke Energy. He is responsible for the company's sustainability-related goal setting, reporting, internal programs and stakeholder outreach. He was named to his current position in January 2012.

Heath joined Duke Energy in 2001 as an internal auditor and moved to the company's local government relations group in 2005. From 2006 to 2009, he held a variety of positions focused on regulatory and legislative planning for Duke Energy's utility business in North Carolina and South Carolina, including director of state energy policy and vice president of outreach and advocacy. During 2010, Heath served as vice president of planning and business support for the company's U.S. Franchised Electric and Gas organization. During 2011, he supported Duke Energy's integration executives responsible for the planning of integration activities for the Duke Energy/Progress Energy merger.

Prior to joining Duke Energy, Heath was employed by Arthur Andersen, from 1994 to 2001. He provided both audit and management consulting services. From 1993 to 1994, he served as an accountant for Beverly Enterprises.

A native of Deale, Md., Heath earned a Bachelor of Science degree, cum laude, in accounting from Virginia Tech. He also holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Yale University.

Heath serves on the board of directors of the Central Piedmont Community College Foundation. He is also actively involved in the Charlotte Heart Walk and a number of grassroots community engagement activities.

Heath and his wife, Dede, have three sons.

Duke Energy, the largest electric power company in the United States, supplies and delivers electricity to approximately 7 million customers in the Southeast and Midwest. The company also distributes natural gas in Ohio and Kentucky. Its commercial power and international businesses operate diverse power generation assets in North America and Latin America, including a growing renewable energy portfolio. Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., Duke Energy is a Fortune 250 company traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol DUK.

2015 Student Highlight Speakers

Brian Vaughn


Brian Vaughn is a sophomore undergraduate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. During his first year at UNC, Vaughn wrote for the opinion page of the Daily Tar Heel and was an active member of the Sierra Student Coalition, a campus organization campaigning for coal divestment. His current areas of focus are issues involving sustainable mobility, distributed energy resources, and sustainable community design.

This is Brian's first weekend back in the United States after a 2 month study of sustainable community design and renewable energy policy in Western Europe. He believes that the United States should carry out a German-style Energiewende—revitalizing rural communities through investment in renewables while focusing on gains in efficiency.

Megan Foster


Megan Foster graduated in 2014 from the University Of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) with a Bachelor in Science in Community Health Education. During this time she also studied abroad in London, England, where she gained experience in global health care systems and adaptation to other cultures. She holds a Personal Leadership Certification from UNCW, as well as a research certification for human, social, and behavioral research through the Collaborative Institute Training Initiative.

For the past two years she has worked at a school-based health center, a model of health care that provides medical, behavioral, and nutritional services at school sites. School-based health models identify the barrier students have to receiving medical services and therefore increase students' time in the classroom so they do not need to leave for such services. Through this position, she taught substance abuse prevention classes which in turn made her realize her passion was not only for healthy lifestyles, but for education. Since she was immersed within both the school and healthcare systems, she identified the interconnectedness of health and education, the importance of early intervention and prevention, and how they all greatly affect one another.

Currently, Megan is a graduate candidate for the Master in Art in Teaching Elementary Education at the University of North Carolina Wilmington anticipating graduation in May of 2016. She is taking additional courses through the Institute for Humane Education to gain more experience with educating global citizens for a positive future. She believes that a multitude of issues can identified and solved through education, specifically early education/intervention. She is focused on beginning her career by aligning state educational standards to humane education so she can instill sustainability, globalization, and solutionary ideals in her youth. Her professional goal is to contribute to a positive future through educating elementary students on global issues, respect, sustainability concepts, and compassion.

Zach Evans


Zach Evans is a senior psychology major from Asheville, NC and a member of East Carolina University's Honors College. With a background in leadership and a strong foundation of research in both Ecopsychology and Environmental Justice, he brings a unique perspective to the summit. Through a consistent track record of propagating ethical, positive change, he has demonstrated that he is a catalyst for organizational growth. He has been recognized as one of ECU's most promising leaders, being awarded ECU's Rising Leader award alongside numerous other awards and scholarships for a demonstrated commitment to excellence in leadership on ECU's campus and in his community. He serves as a member of the Elite Pirates - a group recognized as the top fourteen student leaders on ECU's campus with a commonly shared goal for societal empowerment through social justice advocacy.

Zach has extensive international experience. He has traveled to and studied in the United Arab Emirates, Ecuador, Peru, and Honduras. While studying at Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador during his junior year, he organized South America's first chapter of Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology. As a sophomore, he created a curriculum for Spanish education and served as a Spanish teacher at the Nancy Darden Child Development Center. He is a graduate of ECU's Chancellor's Student Leadership Academy, LeaderShape, and the John and Nellie Wooden Institute for Men of Principle.

Zach has a strong record of service. His philanthropic efforts have extended across the state of North Carolina since 2009. He is currently serving as a research consultant for an NC-based non-profit, Help Them L.A.S.T. The organization is dedicated to providing opportunities for underprivileged, at-risk youth in North Carolina to develop passions related to Sustainability, Environmental Science, and Outdoor Education. He is also a saxophonist with The Vinyl Brothers Big Band in Asheville, which has organized many fundraiser events for charities like St. Jude's, the Make a Wish Foundation, the Eblen Foundation, and Disaster Relief for Haiti. The band has played alongside renowned acts such as Chicago, Bad Company and the surviving members of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Zach is particularly interested in the summit for the opportunity it provides for collaboration on innovate action with a diverse group of problem solvers. He looks forward to establishing relationships with professionals in a wide array of fields. As Zach enters his final year of study, he looks forward to discovering life's new adventures ahead.

Staci Kyle


Staci Kyle is a graduate student at Wake Forest University in the M.A. in Sustainability program. She received her B.S. in Environmental Science from North Carolina A&T State University. Prior to entering the program at Wake Forest, Staci spent many years as a High School Science teacher and served as the Assistant Principal of a Charter school. She has also been an instructor at the Global Leadership Training Center for the past 11 years educating adult foreign nationals and some American students about environmental issues. Her efforts at GLTC align with her desire to implement sustainable solutions to environmental challenges in developing countries. In the Sustainability program Staci worked as a research assistant on a World Wildlife Fund project writing a case study about Carbon Emission Reduction in the Jambi province of Sumatra Indonesia. She is currently completing an internship with the Yadkin Riverkeeper.

Daniel Blakeley


Daniel Blakeley is a Candidate for a Master's in Appropriate Technology in the Sustainable Technology in a Built Environment Department at Appalachian State University. In May 2013 he graduated with his Associates of Arts Degree from Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute with all semesters on the Dean's List. Mr. Blakeley graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor's of Science in Technology Education from Appalachian State University in May 2015.

In fall 2013, Mr. Blakeley started a multidisciplinary solar car program, in which students from across Appalachian State University design, fabricate and race a solar powered race car which will compete in International Solar Car Racing Competitions. He is the Project Director of the Solar Vehicle Team and has inspired the creation of several new solar vehicle courses. Mr. Blakeley is currently researching solar powered transportation and the implementation for such vehicles in today's transportation infrastructure. While researching solar powered transportation, he converted a golf cart from gas to electric and added a solar charging canopy to allow the golf cart to work independently of other energy sources.

Mr. Blakeley is also a member of Appalachian State University Technology Education Collegiate Association where he helped his team compete and win in Problem Solving, Technology Bowl (Jeopardy style competition), and Communications competitions against teams across the United States.

Before Mr. Blakeley's time at Appalachian State, he served in the US Army for six years, all with 2nd Ranger Battalion. While in 2nd Ranger Battalion, he deployed three times to Iraq and three times to Afghanistan. Mr. Blakeley's military awards and decorations include: the coveted Ranger Tab, Combat Infantryman's Badge, Expert Infantryman's Badge, Parachutist Badge, Expert Marksmanship Badge, Presidential Unit Citation, Joint Service Commendation Metal with one oak leaf cluster, Army Commendation Metal with one oak leaf cluster, Army Achievement Metal with two knot device, National Defense Service Metal, Iraq Campaign Metal with two campaign stars, Afghanistan Campaign Metal with two campaign stars, Global War on Terrorism Service Ribbon, Non-commissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon with numeral two, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon with numeral two, and the NATO service ribbon. Mr. Blakeley's military education includes: Ranger School, Advanced Leaders Course, Warrior Leaders Course, SERE course, Ranger Indoctrination Program, and Airborne Course. He is Master Breacher certified, Fast-rope Master certified, and Airborne certified. After his time in 2nd Ranger Battalion, he served two additional years with the NC National Guard where he was awarded the NC Commendation Metal and gained his US Army Instructor Certification.

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