PV Energy at Appalachian State University

Currently about 7% of the renewable energy generated at ASU comes from photovoltaic systems but, with eight systems across campus, it is hard not to notice one of these important pieces of our RE portfolio. These systems are demonstrating the viability of PV as a renewable energy source and are providing research and analysis opportunities that will help define our energy future.  Aside from generating clean, carbon-free electricity, education is a key element in the value of these systems. Appalachian places a high priority on producing students versed in the knowledge of what a sustainable energy future looks like.

Appalachian State currently has eight Photovoltaic systems producing electricity for campus

(Click the photos below to find detailed information for each of our installations)

Raley Lot

  E3 House  Biofuels   BV Farm Pole
  BV Farm House   Kerr Scott   Research Lab 

Library Traffic Circle