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Energy Summit 2021 - Working Groups

Campus‐Based Energy Efficiency: Energy Managers
Group Leader: Tony Schallert, Wake Forest University

Charged with identifying, pursuing, and achieving measurable energy reductions and cost savings across our diverse campus environments

High Performance Campus Design: Design & Construction/Campus Architects
Group Leaders: Mike Kapp and Bill Davis, North Carolina State University

Charged with envisioning and executing plans for designing the campuses of the future that are both energy efficient and environmentally friendly while promoting and inspiring our core purpose, higher education

Academic Integration: Sustainability Directors + Academic Leader
Group Leader: Mike Lizotte, UNC Charlotte

Charged with elevating the importance of integrating energy savings and sustainability into existing curriculum and research activities

Transportation‐Oriented Opportunities: Transportation Managers
Group Leader: Heather Brutz, North Carolina State University

Charged with reducing the energy usage and environmental footprint in all university‐related travel including transportation, transit, and alternative fuel sources

Finance, Regulatory, and Energy Generation: Senior Facility Officers & State Energy Office
Group Leader: Miriam Tripp, UNC System Office

Charged with strategically evaluating the emerging finance and regulatory issues and opportunities associated with achieving energy and cost savings. This group is also charged with identifying emerging models and methods of traditional and renewable energy generation

Zero Waste/Waste Reduction: Waste Reduction, Recycling, and Zero Waste Professionals
Group Leader: Jennifer Maxwell, Appalachian State University

Charged with elevating the importance of sustainable purchasing decisions and waste reduction efforts