Energy Summit 2017

July 10-12, 2017

The 2017 Appalachian Energy Summit is the sixth-annual meeting of some of the world’s most brilliant minds in energy policies and practices. This unique three-day event convenes academia, industry, and students in a transformational effort that delivers meaningful ecological, financial and social benefit.

The 2017 theme, “Perspectives: Policy & Practice” will highlight the multiple viewpoints needed to develop successful strategies that promote clean energy production, distribution, and consumption.

“This year's Appalachian Energy Summit focuses on learning from a variety of "Perspectives" within the clean energy industry and the field of leadership development,” states Dr. Lee Ball, Director of Sustainability at Appalachian State University. “The Summit and its attendees are demonstrated leaders in advancing clean energy and sustainability. We are concentrating on the process of inclusiveness needed to further our goals of avoided energy costs, carbon reduction, social responsibility and environmental stewardship.”