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Carbon Neutral Commuter

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Make a difference! Be a Carbon Neutral Commuter. It costs less than a few lattes or a pizza, and 100% of the funds raised from the program go toward the purchase of offsets and contribute to the university’s climate action goals.

According to the Greenhouse Gas Inventory process, the average commuter at App State generates around 2 tons of atmospheric carbon per academic year. Appalachian State University students, faculty and staff can offset their commuting footprint by participating in the Carbon Neutral Commuter (CNC) program, provided through the Office of Sustainability.

What does it take to become a Carbon Neutral Commuter? Ten dollars and the willingness to take responsibility for unintended consequences. No one drives to pollute, but that is what happens every time we get behind the wheel. This program will not eliminate your tailpipe emissions, but it will reduce the regional carbon footprint by the same amount.

Be part of the change.

Participation is easy. Register for the Carbon Neutral Commuter option through our office. Ten dollars is all it takes. As a Carbon Neutral Commuter, you’ll receive a 2021-22 CNC bumper sticker so you can shout “I am proactive about my carbon footprint.” Carbon offsets help to slow climate change. By making a gift for this purpose, you are investing in pollution reduction, and this offsets the amount of pollution produced by your own consumption.

What does your money actually do? The Office of Sustainability will purchase carbon offsets such as:

Purchase carbon free power

Purchasing carbon free green power blocks for Appalachian State's energy mix.

Methane capture and destruction

Capturing and destroying methane, the natural byproduct of decomposition, in landfills and on farms to prevent its release into the atmosphere.