LLC Composting Project

The Office of Sustainability, in partnership with the Physical Plant, Sustainable Development Department, University Housing, and Watauga Residential College are piloting residential compost collection in the LLC.
Students interested in participating in this program will be provided a compost collection container and will be responsible for maintaining and emptying their own container.
The compost collected can be brought to the Compost Site in the Sustainable Development Civic Garden Project. 

Items for composting:


  • Food Scraps such as fruits & veggies
  • Coffee Grounds & Filters
  • Tea Bags


  • Meat, Dairy, or Oil
  • Recyclables
  • Landfill Items

Cleaning & maintaining your bin is your responsibility
Please place compost ONLY in the bin labeled
Cover your compost with straw

Questions? Contact Gaia Lawing at