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REI's Annual Spring Forum

Thursday, April 7, 2016

BOONE, N.C.- On April 7, 2016 the App State Renewable Energy Initiative (REI) held their annual Spring Forum to both recruit members and bring awareness to the renewable energy projects around campus.

The forum was a huge success with over 85 students in attendance. Those in attendance not only learned about the REI but also heard from guest speaker, Patrick Beville of IONCON Engineering. He had a lot of experience with green businesses as well as being one of the original advisors on the REI ten years ago.

“REI is something that I really believe in and I believe this organization will not only help change App State’s campus but also be a precedent for other universities around the nation,” Beville said. Beville was an advisor of the REI right when it got started and spoke about projects such as the wind turbine as well as how far what you learn from REI will take you.

“I loved being a part of REI for the past two years. It really taught me a lot about how to work in a team and make decisions to best benefit the university,” Lauren Harper, vice-chair of the REI said.

REI is dedicating to reducing the environmental impact of Appalachian State University by implementing renewable energy technologies, investing in energy efficiency projects, and promoting campus engagement. In 2007, the students voted to add $5 to their tuition every semester that will go towards a fund that the REI controls. This fund is used to put renewable energy on campus.