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App Ties For Second-Most EPA P3 Grants

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

P3 stands for People, Prosperity and the Planet. Through this EPA program, college students can benefit people, promote prosperity and protect the planet by designing solutions that move us towards a sustainable future. 

The P3 Award competition is a two-phase team contest. For the first phase, interdisciplinary student teams compete for $15,000 grants. Recipients use the money to research and develop their design projects during the academic year. The final projects include a Phase I project report and a Phase II proposal.

In the spring, all teams submit their reports and proposals, and then bring their projects to the National Sustainable Design Expo for judging by a panel of experts convened by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Scores from the reports, proposals and the presentations are combined into a final overall score for each P3 team. Based on these scores, the AAAS judges recommend to EPA which teams should receive the EPA P3 Award and the opportunity for Phase II funding.

Appalachian State University has done great work with 10 Phase I grants and 4 Phase II grants, making the university tied for the second most awarded P3 institution at 14 total grants. Above is a table of the top four P3 grant winners. Below is the list of current and past P3 grants Appalachian has been awarded.