FARM Café receives UCC grant

Non-profit organization FARM Café has received a Grassroots Organizer Award from Justice and Witness Ministries, a ministry of the United Church of Christ.

The award recognizes "justice giants ... who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership in justice work in their churches and communities," said Rev. Linda Jaramillo, executive director of Justice and Witness Ministries.

FARM (Feed All Regardless of Means) Café is part of the national One World Everybody Eats movement, which is successfully helping to relieve hunger in communities across the U.S., while supporting local farmers. FARM Café's mission is to build a healthy, honest and inclusive community by providing high quality, delicious meals produced from local sources and served in a restaurant with a "pay what you can" spirit, where everybody eats regardless of financial means.

The idea for FARM Café began with members of High Country United Church of Christ and has since grown to the formation of a board of directors representing the broader community.

The organization is currently seeking a location. Until a permanent space is found, FARM Café is partnering with the local homeless shelter, Hospitality House of Boone, to host monthly dinners that allow the community and its people in need to dine together. 

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Posted by The Mountain Times on September 1, 2011.