Initiative Goals

The summit has many goals associated with the successful staging of the event; however, its true success will be measured by the following long-term goals:

  1. Educate our students to be the leaders of tomorrow through our active and demonstrative pursuit of the initiative's goals.
  2. Reduce and stabilize the university's average annual energy expenditures, currently equaling $1,000 per student. Target costs associated with the university's rising annual $226 million expenditure on energy. Focus on initiatives that will cumulatively save the university system in excess of $1 billion over 20 years.
  3. Transform and stimulate the North Carolina economy through the support of Green Energy business infrastructure, creating jobs in the new energy economy.
  4. Position the University of North Carolina system and our Private university colleagues as national leaders in sustainability education and for reducing reliance on environmentally damaging fossil fuels. 
  5. Create a culture of environmental and economic sustainability across the UNC system through administrative leadership, student involvement, curricula development, campus operations, and new partnerships between the university, its benefactors, and industry.

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