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Fall Sustainability Film Series: DocuAppalachia and Wild and Scenic (in person, panel to follow)

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 / 7:00pm
Belk Library 114

DOCUAPPALACHIA: In 2017 an untitled, silent 16mm film reel from the 1970s was discovered in storage in Boone, NC. The heavily spliced film, made by local photographer George Flowers, juxtaposes images of idyllic Appalachian landscapes with piles of trash, rusting vehicles, black smoke, dirty water and a pig.  When Flowers made the film, he was clearly influenced by the psychedelic culture of the day as well as by views at that time about environmental conditions.

The 1970s were a watershed moment in American environmental history. Partly because of images like those that George Flowers captured, the Federal government enacted sweeping environmental laws. Now, 50 years later, what might a Flowers-like film reflect? DocuAppalachia compares scenes from the Flowers film to those same scenes in the 21st century and reflects on what has changed and what has remained the same in the rural southern Appalachian mountains.

Wild & Scenic:

Wilson Creek, located in Caldwell County, North Carolina, is known for its wild and scenic beauty but has had a history of ecological destruction due to timber harvesting. Now the area is used by many from all over the state for daily outdoor recreation such as biking, fishing, rafting and camping. Due to the lack of waste infrastructure, high traffic, and ecological abuse, a team of devoted volunteers have started a non-profit to keep the river clean.

Contact: Rebecca Walton

Sponsor: Office of Sustainability

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