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First Year Seminar Options

First Year Seminar (UCO 1200) introduces first year Appalachian students (freshmen and transfers) to rigorous academic study at the University level through interdisciplinary engagement with a variety of disciplines and perspectives, the foundation of the university's General Education program. First Year Seminar students and faculty engage in a shared process of inquiry around a broad, interdisciplinary topic or question. These small seminar-style classes are taught by experienced faculty who use varied and engaging pedagogies to help students make the transition to academic life at Appalachian by developing creative and critical thinking abilities, cultivating effective communication skills, and introducing students to a variety of research tools and methods. Appalachian's First Year Seminar course also provides students the opportunity to make connections with faculty and other students, to discover the wide range of resources Appalachian provides its students, and to become part of the university and local community.

First Year Seminar is premised on a model of inquiry-based learning, where students collaboratively investigate subjects that are of interest to them.

A large number of FYS courses discuss issues related to sustainability. To view the full list click here.