University Sustainability

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The Eco-Reps Program is a new initiative of the Office of Sustainability that makes a representative from each residence hall the sustainability liasion to their peers. This is a competitive volunteer program that, as of Spring 2017, has an associated academic course, UCO 2530-2549.

GreenApps: Eco-Reps Leadership and Engagement

Course Description:

This course will allow students to develop their leadership and peer-to-peer education skills, while integrating campus sustainability into the residence halls. This course is dedicated to the eco-reps program. The course allows students to creatively engage the university community in sustainability education and outreach. Students will represent one of 20 residence halls on campus and will serve as the liaison between the Office of Sustainability and University Housing. Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with residence hall staff to develop and implement sustainability education activities for their peer students.

Students will be introduced to the concepts of sustainable living and examine both the cultural and personal values that support, and inhibit, successful sustainability behavior. These students will work to investigate, evaluate, communicate, and reflect on the multifaceted challenges associated with wellness, food, water, energy, transportation, consumption, waste, and social justice. In addition, they will explore the historical cultural traditions of the Appalachian region as an important element of sustainable communities. This knowledge will be applied and further developed through outreach and engagement of sustainability in the campus residence halls.

The eco-rep team members will serve as sustainability educators for your residence hall and the greater campus community. Commitments include:

  • Attending regular classes in the Office of Sustainability
  • Communication and liaison with the Office of Sustainability and University Housing
  • Encourage sustainable practices and sustainable living in your community
  • Assist with planning and execution of green/educational events
  • Promote sustainable clubs, events, and programs on campus and in the community