2015 Appalachian Energy Summit

The 2015 Appalachian Energy Summit (AES), July 13 – 15, marks the fourth annual gathering for the University of North Carolina Energy Leadership Challenge. During the summit campus leaders from our 17 public institutions and seven private colleges and universities convene to share best practices and build peer relationships. This year representatives from community colleges and other states’ university systems are invited. Our goal is to jumpstart a national transformative effort across higher education.

Embraced by UNC General Administration as a system-wide initiative, our objectives include:

  • Educate our students to be leaders of tomorrow;
  • Reduce and stabilize the UNC system's average annual energy expenditures;
  • Transform and stimulate the North Carolina economy;
  • Position our colleagues in the UNC system and private universities as national leaders;
  • Create a culture of environmental and economic sustainability. 

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The Appalachian Energy Summit would like to thank our sustaining partners: