Alternative Transportation: Car Share

UhaulCarShare and Appalachian State University are teaming up to offer UHaulCarShare. Appalachian has 3 fuel-efficient vehicles located on campus for checkout. UHaulCarShare is a service available to faculty, staff and students. Available for checkout by the hour or up to six days.


Michael Goddard is the Campus Brand Representative for UHaulCarShare. You can contact Michael by email or by phone at 828.260.8470 if you have any problems, complaints or feedback.

Having UHaulCarShare available helps to alleviate the demand for on-campus parking, provides an alternative to parents concerned about sending their students to campus without a vehicle and is a resource to faculty and staff members who do not bring vehicles to campus to have a means in which to run errands or get off campus in case of emergency.

Vehicles come equipped with everything a driver would need, including fuel, mileage, insurance and maintenance. 

Bringing car sharing to Appalachian helps in:

  • Reducing the university's carbon footprint
  • Reducing the amount of vehicle traffic on campus
  • Decreasing the need for additional parking structures
  • Reducing the number of vehicles brought in by incoming students
  • Saving money to individual users. (According to University of California Berkely research, Americans saved $154 to $435 a month on transportation costs when using a car share service Source)

So join up and do your part to reduce your impact on the environment (and yourself) and save money by leaving your vehicle at home!

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